Closures and queues to return to Brixton Tube

Commuters queuing at Brixton Tube in 2014 when two escalators were out of action
Commuters queuing at Brixton Tube in 2014 when two escalators were out of action

Work to refurbish a single escalator at Brixton Tube station is to begin on 14 February with queues and partial closures planned.

It comes less than five years after all three escalators at Brixton Tube were declared open in July 2015 after huge queues had developed daily since January that year as two were refurbished.

The escalator is expected to be closed until early March.

Transport for London (TfL) said there would be no entrance to the station between 4.30 and 7.15pm on weekdays. Entry to the station will be “managed” with a queue between 7 and 10am.

TfL advised passengers to use alternative options or retime journeys.

It said one part of the escalator was found to be wearing more quickly than expected during a recent check.

Engineers will work shifts around the clock to bring the escalator back into service as quickly as possible, it said.

One of the two remaining working escalators will run from platform to ticket hall throughout the work to make sure that customer numbers on the platforms remain safe.

This means that there will only be one escalator down to the platforms in the morning peak hours and access to it will be managed.

The closure will also mean that the both escalators will be running up from the platforms during the evening peak, hence the closure to anyone wanting to travel from Brixton.

Esther Sharples, London Underground director of asset operations, said: “I’m sorry for the disruption that the work to one of the escalators at Brixton Tube station will cause for our customers.

“The repairs are essential to ensure that the station can continue to operate safely in the future.”

Brixton Tube station is one of the busiest on the network, and the fourth busiest outside central London, with nearly 30 million travellers a year using it.

Capacity on the Victoria line was boosted in 2017 when a 36 trains per hour service began operating, helping to fuel a 9% increase in demand at Brixton compared to 2015 figures. Trains are planned to become even more frequent.There are plans to extend the times during which trains run at top frequency.

Customers will be “encouraged” to use alternative options. Stockwell and Oval stations will operate as normal and several bus routes will accept Tube tickets.

They are:

  • 2, 196, 333 and N2 to Stockwell
  • 3, 59, 133, 159, 415, N3 and N133 to Oval
  • 2, 196 and N2 to Vauxhall
  • 59 to Waterloo
  • 159, N3 and N109 to Westminster.


    • Crystal palace is a huge station with a number of train lines feeding into it not to mention theres a large bus stop nearby. Running the Victoria line to there would make sense but the idiots at TFL are pretty useless when it comes to looking at user experience.


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