Ladylikes – They’re dissecting modern anxieties in Brixton

Ladylikes Comedy Duo

Female comedy duo, Ladylikes, launch their comedy night Sketchy Ladies at the Ritzy, Brixton in January. Phoebe Batteson-Brown and Miztli Rose, met in 2017 on the world’s longest running live comedy show NewsRevue. The pair wanted to create an event that catered to female comedians in the male dominated comedy world. Sketchy Ladies is a supportive space for female-identifying comedians to perform, “It is a lovely, encouraging and supportive space to be in.”

Ladylikes rehearse in Brixton at Miztli’s home and are currently working on their debut show Top Secret House Party. “We wanted to explore female relationships and the baggage that comes with parties” explains Miztli.

Phoebe continues, “We are in an era of milestone culture and many of us are not hitting those milestones anymore. We want to show that it is ok to miss them or not want those things.”

It can be hard to navigate the end of your twenties and beginning of you thirties if you find yourself far away from where you expected to be and your social media is full of engagement rings and new houses, “It can feel like you are being battered by other people’s lives” say Phoebe.

Top Secret House Party also feature three comedy songs, one that focuses on the vulnerability for women travelling home alone late at night, “Women have to think about getting home from a party, which I am not sure many men realise.”

Whether it is dinner ladies hosting an Ann Summers party or a guest only there for the perfect photo, Ladylikes are dissecting modern anxieties, celebrating womanhood and writing exciting female comedy characters.

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