In and out of body at Block 336

Painting by Hazel Brill Pup Blubber
Hazel Brill: Pup Blubber

Block 336 is currently hosting two exhibitions – Pup and Blubber by Hazel Drill, and Nervous Systems by Teresita Dennis.

Nervous Systems is a series of paintings which look under the surface of the human body into the systems which underpin it.

Painting by Teresita Dennis
Nervous Systems: Teresita Dennis

They have an almost biological formality – rather like cross sections. But they touch on and echo all sorts of other visual sources.

Pup and Blubber is very different – a large scale installation of video and sculpture exploring ways in which the mind can travel outside the body. This is a complex but interesting show which makes demands on the viewer but is provocative and reflective at the same time.

The show is free and runs until 18 January in Block 336, 336 Brixton Road, SW9 7AA. Opening hours Thursday to Saturday 12 – 6. See