School Ground Sounds young artists make and record music from scratch

School Ground Sounds young people making music

Brixton based School Ground Sounds has produced an eight-track album working with ten young people who wrote, performed and created the music.

The charity works with secondary schools and young people in lower income areas of London to provide additional music opportunities and to enhance their music education.

From Scratch artwork by Komikamo
Artwork by Komikamo

“From Scratch” is a recent project bringing together young artists to collaborate and create new music together. Ten young 18-24-year old artists from South London wrote, performed and recorded eight original songs from scratch guided by Robin and Aaron from Finding Rhythms.

The group came together once a week for 12 weeks at Brixton Community Base and were joined in the final weeks by Brixton Chamber Orchestra who recorded strings for three of the tracks. The musicians involved included a range of vocalists, rappers and instrumentalists.

The first single ‘Moving Forward’ was released on Soundcloud on 22 March.

The eight-track album is on most major streaming platforms since 1 April.

Listen here on soundcloud.

All revenue generated from the releases will go to fund the next project which School Ground Sounds aims to offer to young musicians who are at risk of falling into a life of crime.