From Book Stop Brixton to Waterstones

Portrait of ManBooker prizewinner Marion James by Dreph
Portrait of ManBooker prizewinner Marion James by Dreph

Book Stop Brixton on Somerleyton Road recently became the studio for street artist Neequaye Dsane, also known as Dreph.

He worked over a weekend to create a portrait of author and ManBooker prize winner Marlon James for the launch of his book Black Leopard, Red Wolf, part of a new fantasy trilogy.

When complete, the artwork was taken to Waterstones bookshop on Tottenham Court Road where it was exhibited for a few weeks (inset).

Dreph also created the murals of Michelle Obama on Marks and Spencer and of Michaeal Johns on Pope’s Road in Brixton.

Book Stop Brixton, which provides free reading material to Brixton residents, is fundraising for repairs and maintenance work to make the Book Stop weatherproof and for a young part time worker.

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Books are donated to the project and given away on the book stand which is next to the P5 bus stop on Somerleyton Road.

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