Windrush: Portrait of a Generation out now in book form

Photo of a Windrush Generation couple dancing


Social documentary photographer Jim Grover, whose exhibition Windrush: Portrait of a Generation has been widely acclaimed, has published a book of the same name out in time for Christmas.

The book reproduces the portraits from the exhibition and through the accompanying stories portrays the lives and traditions of the first generation of Caribbean migrants who settled in Brixton and Clapham.

The author spent 10 months visiting homes, clubs, churches of the Windrush generation, now in their late 60s to 90s, who still live in Brixton and Clapham. Eleven members of the community shared their personal stories. The conversations were recorded between January and May 2018. The end result is a vivid picture of a way of life and traditions that will sadly pass with that generation.

The book is a must-have for this year’s Christmas list and is available from the author (£34.64 inc  p&p) or you can buy the book from Amazon (£35).

To buy direct from Jim use the Contact form. The author has also set up a system to sign and personalise each book. Details here.

In an earlier interview with the Bugle’s Tevye Markson, Jim says he learnt about “pardner” saving schemes, Jamaican front rooms and nine nights, a tradition that marks the passing of a loved one.

“People sing and drink rum at the graveside and the men dig the earth back in.

“You’re celebrating the life of that person,” says interviewee Trevor. “It’s a joyful occasion more than being sad.”

All of these traditions are brought vividly to life in the stories and portraits that make up the book.