Make a dolls’ house in a shoe box in Brixton Department Store

Dolls House in a shoe box project

Make a dolls’ house in a shoebox Downstairs at The Department Store in Brixton and raise money for Shelter at the same time.

Your shoebox will become part of the Giant Dolls’ House Community – a central project of the London Festival of Architecture 2018. The drop-in workshop from 12 – 4pm Saturday 16 June is for children, parents, grandparents and other adults of all ages. The workshop is free though participants can choose to donate to the homelessness charity Shelter. Just bring a shoebox though no corrugated cardboard boxes as these are difficult to hang.

Host of the project, Brixton-based architects Squire and Partners, as well as local schools and community groups in the area, will all turn shoeboxes into dolls’ houses.

The final installation will be a representation of the people from the local area and their collective identity. More information about the installation and the project here.

Dolls' house in a shoe boxParticipants can furnish the box as they would their ideal home: any way they want to – there are no rules. All boxes will be assembled onto a black canvas and linked with ropes, ramps and ladders to create a community of the ideas, hopes and dreams of its makers. The project is the result of ongoing research by Catja de Haas into dolls’ houses and imagination.

The installation will remain on show for the rest of the week at The Department Store on Ferndale Road from 16th – 24 June and is a core event of the London Festival of Architecture 2018.

The installation is a collaboration between the Giant Dolls’ House Project and local architects Squire and Partners, and will raise money and awareness for Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.



Preview and lecture evening

Tuesday 19 June at 6 – 8pm. Tickets £5.50

Speakers will be Tim Gledstone (partner at Squire and Partners), Rhea Newman (policy officer at Shelter), Josh Gaillemin (Story teller and founder of theWholeStory) and Catja de Haas (founder of the Giant Dolls’ House Project). The lectures will explore ideas of home, identity and community in their respective fields in reference to the dolls’ house installation.

This is the Giant Dolls’ House Project’s fourth year as a participant of the London Festival of Architecture.