Brixton local election guide

As Lambeth prepares for council elections on 3 May that will see three councillors elected for each of the borough’s 21 wards, 63 in total Anna McKie takes a look at what candidates are offering

Candidates at hustings organised by the Lambeth People's Audit
Candidates at hustings organised by Lambeth People’s Audit

Although notorious for poor turn-outs, the council elections will have important implications for local people and issues. In Lambeth, the housing crisis is sure to be a huge issue, but there will also be a focus on libraries and their services, road safety and air quality, as Brixton is home to one of the UK’s most polluted roads.

Other responsibilities that lie with the council include care of the elderly and support for people with disabilities, local schools, parks, council tax, planning, street cleaning, looking after vulnerable children, funding care homes, adoptions and fostering, and rubbish collection.

Elections in 2014 saw the Labour Party further increase its majority, winning all but four of the 63 council seats. Liberal Democrats lost all 15 of their seats that year. The Conservatives lost one seat, taking their total to three. The Green Party won one seat but, overall, had the second highest percentage of the vote after Labour – 15.5% to Labour’s 49.7%.

To find your polling station, go to:

Voting opens at 7am and closes at 10pm on 3 May.


Candidates in Brixton wards:

Brixton Hill



Herne Hill

Tulse Hill



Parties and policies:

Labour Party

Green Party

Conservative Party

Liberal Democrat Party





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