Charity seeks volunteers to help Brixton pupils with reading

Young reader on Beanstalk programme

Volunteers in Brixton have been helping primary school children become more confident readers in a support programme by Beanstalk.

The literacy charity recruits volunteers to work in primary schools with children who have fallen behind with their reading.

Rachel Ellis, team leader for Beanstalk in south London, says: “We work with schools across London to help deliver this crucial one-to-one support for children that struggle with reading and who need that extra help. Brixton is growing in demand for reading helpers and we need more volunteers to help more school children to reach their true potential.”

Kate has been a Beanstalk reading helper at a primary school in Brixton for over four years and has made a big impact on the children she works with. She spends 30 minutes one-to-one with three children twice a week, reading books and playing word games.

“I have been a reading helper at Loughborough School for over four years. I really do love everything about my role in the school: one-to-one reading with children, supporting class teachers, helping to plan reading events for the whole school, being part of children’s learning. The children love to read with an interested adult and are rightly proud of the enormous progress they make. I couldn’t recommend this role highly enough. Beanstalk also provides great support for their reading helpers: training, visits, advice, local book swaps and opportunities to meet up with other volunteers.”

For more information or to volunteer, visit beanstalk or call 0845 450 0307.