DIY Cocktails: Calcutta Street’s Bengali Rose

Shrim Chakraborty’s Calcutta Street has a nice Bengali family back story.

Throughout its menu and ditto the cocktails. Shrim’s Bengali Rose has a refreshing hint of rose and ginger and the fizz makes it a sparkling dinner party appetiser. Goes very nicely with Calcutta Street style streetfood snacks and it’s easy peasy.

15ml vodka (we tried it with Grey Goose)
15ml rose liqueur (easily tracked down online)
5 drops of rose water
Slice of ginger
Champagne (you can use cava or prosecco)

Stir, don’t shake, the rose liqueur, vodka and rose water with ice.
Strain into a champagne coupe.
Top with champagne or fizz of your choice
Garnish with a slice of ginger

395 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LG | | @CalcuttaSt


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