New entrepreneur seeks older clients

Fitter Ever After is a new start up business founded by David Cusick. Riyal Patel finds out you’re never to old to enjoy a workout.

Participants in keep fit for the Over 40s: Fitter Ever After

David Cusick started Fitter Ever After as a business for the over 40s. “Our bodies might have done more miles but it doesn’t mean we are anywhere near finished,” he says.

He wanted to create enjoyable fitness classes and with that in mind, set up a free Saturday morning class in Brockwell Park, which is still going strong three years later.

As a newbie to the entre­preneur world, David didn’t have enough experience or knowledge to work out how to develop his business. He contacted Brixton-based startup incubator Hatch to see what opportunities it could offer. Shortly after, he enrolled in, Hatch’s Launchpad Programme. It was, he says, a “significant time” when he was able to realise who his potential clients were and how he could reach them.

Throughout his entrepreneurial experience, David has encountered several “light bulb” moments. He says that one of the most important was that “some things won’t work. So it’s important to accept it, analyse why it didn’t work, and learn from that.” Positive feedback has also helped. “When people tell me how much I have helped them on their fitness journey, it reinforces that what I am doing is great.”

With the encouragement of his mentors, fellow entrepreneurs and with the business skills he has acquired, David has set up an online training programme which goes live on the first week of October. “The 10-week course, which costs £140, the equivalent of £2 per day, is for people who want to look good and feel great for Christmas,” he says.

He is now looking to the future and is in negotiations with a Devon-based company to hold fun fitness retreats, while continuing to provide one-to-one coaching and small group sessions. Interested in getting active? RSVP to a free class at Fitter Ever After or contact dave Have an idea you’d like to turn into a business? Contact