Herne Hill launches campaign to welcome Syrian refugee families

textile design for Syrian Refugee public meeting

Around 50 people turned up to listen to the Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees group’s plans to resettle  Syrian refugee families in the area at a public meeting at St Saviour’s Church on Wednesday night (4 October).

Helen Hayes MP
Helen Hayes MP

The local MP Helen Hayes spoke in support of the project, as did Lambeth councillors and representatives from Citizens UK. After a Q&A session, dozens more residents joined the group

Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees is working towards helping refugees via the Home Office’s community sponsorship scheme. The scheme is based on the highly successful Canadian template that allows communities to open their doors to the most vulnerable refugee families currently living in camps. It offers them not only a safe home but also a network of support and friendship.

With the support of the community, Herne Hill could become one of the pioneering groups in this emerging new scheme. Just 11 refugee families have been resettled as part of the scheme so far, and it is hoped that communities across the country will begin to take part.

For those who couldn’t make the meeting or are yet to hear about Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees, anyone is welcome to help in any capacity they can. Please contact: hhwelcomesrefugees@gmail.com