Competition for modern day poets launches for Black History Month

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Poetic Unity, the charity behind the hit weekly poetry event, The Poets Corner at the Black Cultural Archive in Brixton is launching a poetry competition today (4 October) that will run throughout Black History month. Natalie Whitmore reports.


Poets Corner LogoIt’s not one to miss. Get ready to learn about lifetimes of culture through the minds of modern day storytellers.

The first round (tonight 6.30pm) at Black Cultural Archives (BCA) in Brixton will be followed by two more rounds each Wednesday with a grand final on 25 October. The competition is open to everyone. All cultures and ages welcome. To enter email: with the title ‘competition’

The contest is a platform for London’s multicultural youth to express their experiences of growing up black in England.

Poetic Unity is a charity that focuses on alternative education through poetry. The organisation brings young people together to work on their personal development through writing and performing. Its workshops and local events have given some of London’s hard to reach children and young people a safe and friendly environment to learn and grow in.

Founder Ragz-CV says: “The talent here is amazing. These young people have a voice that needs to be heard.”

Ragz-CV  has 10 years of experience working with London’s youth and has seen how self-expression and creativity through poetry can actively change lives. He says: “To know where some of these young people have come from and to see how they have developed into comfortably sharing their stories is something truly special.”

The charity has been running their hit weekly poetry event The Poets Corner for over two years and have established themselves as an important voice in the celebration of the UK’s vibrant culture.

Tonight’s  launch of the Black British History competition is a call to those who live and breathe London to get creative, untangle the mind, and express themselves through the spoken word.

The final word to Ragz-CV: “Tonight is integral to adding to the conversation of black British history, as too often we are only focused on the American narrative”.

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Find the details right here:

Poetic Unity welcomes all cultures and ages to join in with the art of poetry!

The Poets Corner – Black British History Competition

Place: Black Cultural Archives, Brixton

Time: 6.30pm-9.30pm on dates below

Round 1: Wednesday 4th October

Round 2: Wednesday 11th October

Round 3: Wednesday 18th October

Final: Wednesday 25th October

Tickets also available on the door or eventbrite.

To enter please email here with  the title ‘competition’

@Poetic_Unity @RagzCV @NatWhitmore_