Brixton bakery’s cupcakes by cab

Uber driver with Ms Cupcake bag

Uber may not be everybody’s flavour of the month (although hands up anyone who has never been in one) but Brixton favourite Ms Cupcake is now on Uber Eats

Meaning you can order her fresh vegan bakery to be delivered to your door in super quick time without even leaving the couch.

Just what you need when you realise you’ve got a vegan coming to tea in half an hour and nothing to feed them – or you need a sugar lift yourself.

The entirely vegan Coldharbour Lane bakery has listed classics like their Ambassador Cupcake and Red Velvet Cookie Sandwich. Every product is hand-made in small batches.

Users of Uber Eats within a two-mile radius will be eligible for delivery and expected delivery time is just under 25 minutes. The menu will be available Monday to Sunday throughout most of the day.