Appeal for recycling volunteers

Get Rid of It and Donate logoAndrea Brown explains her new project – Get Rid of It and Donate

People dispose of items as waste that are of good value and condition when they could be recycled to people who are less fortunate, vulnerable or disadvantaged.

Get Rid of it and Donate wants to give back to our communities and, by recycling, reduce the environmental impact of waste.

We can protect our streets and estates from the deluge of waste and protect the environment by reducing the amount of material that we send to landfill sites.

We started the project with Nextdoor – a private social network. With our new neighbourhood site and app, we share recommendations for traders, plan neighbourhood events, discuss safety, post things for sale and much more. We feel we are contributing and effectively reducing our carbon footprint and have been overwhelmed by voluntary contributions and donations – mostly from the Herne Hill area to start with.

But our aim is to take the project nationwide. In the meantime, we want to establish “disposable hubs”, in Lambeth postcode areas and have recycling banks or containers at schools, churches and community centres.

Look out for us in the Farmer’s Market Zone at the Lambeth Country Show. where we will have a community trade stall with recycled and upcycled items for sale.

We need volunteers to expand the logistics and coordination of the project. If you can help, please contact us  here.