Brixton Wave Festival seeking traders, performers and volunteers

Brixton Wave, the new three-day festival, will take place over the weekend of 11 – 13 August

Organisers say they want the whole community – young and old – to come out and have a good time.

There will be a one-day food festival on Friday 11, a retail and a shopping day on Saturday 12 with cultural, music, arts and street food on Sunday 13.

Traders, exhibitors, performers and volunteers can register an interest at


  1. Has my friend Richie allow them to use his photo in this flyer???? Does he know theit using his image…having been displaced out of Lambeth by Lambeth moved away from his friends and community …!

  2. How Network Rail can be allowed to ‘ sponsor ‘ this event is immoral given what they have done to ruin Brixton !

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