Interview with My Feral Heart star Will Rastall

Will Rastall and Steven Brandon in My Feral Heart
Will Rastall and Steven Brandon in My Feral Heart

My Feral Heart is coming to Brixton’s Ritzy as an independent release. Lilly Blanchard talked to Will Rastall, Brixton resident and British Independent Film Awards nominee, about the film

Covering everyday topics such as family, bereavement, and community, My Feral Heart follows the story of Luke (BIFA nominee Steven Brandon), a young man with Down’s syndrome.

After the death of his mother, Luke is sent to a state-funded home, despite having already shown that he can live independently.

Accustomed to a far freer lifestyle, Luke battles against the home’s rules and restrictions but befriends Eve, a young member of staff (Shana Swash) and Pete (Will Rastall) who is carrying out his community service at the care home.

The film also stars Pixie Le Knot, Eileen Pollock and Suzanna Hamilton.

Speaking to Will Rastall (Hollyoaks, Game Of Thrones), it becomes clear that My Feral Heart addresses the importance of community – a live topic in Brixton.

“Brixton is a place with a strong sense of community, it is important that stories dealing with important everyday issues are told,” he says.

My Feral Heart is one of the very few films to cast a young man with Down’s syndrome in the lead role and Pete’s line – “We’re not so different you and I” – expresses its unifying ethos.

Rastall commented on this quality and explained how he hopes the film will “create conversations and challenge perceptions”.

He also stressed that the audience would meet characters “people can really relate to”. He hopes that this will “inspire the audience to tell their own story”.

Written by Duncan Paveling and produced by Jane Gull, this independent film tours the UK through the cinema-on-demand company Our Screen, which allows members of the community to put forward their local cinema for film screenings.

The Ritzy showing this month is already sold out – so time to request another screening.

Brixton Ritzy. Saturday 5 November at 10.30.