Acre Lane traders hit by break-ins

rsz_stock_pic_policeTraders on Acre Lane have been hit by a wave of burglaries.

Khamsa at number 140 and the recently opened Knife restaurant have suffered break-ins. Opus Café, at number 89, has been hit twice. A hair salon has also suffered.

At Khamsa, the thieves smashed up the restaurant and took away the whole till.

Police are investigating.


  1. I have reported the gangs loitering on the street on a couple occassions no effort is being made to move them on.

  2. Well that wasn’t predictable at all….considering for the last two years that patch of Acre Lane has been taken over by gangs of dealers, street drinkers and a whole host of hangers on! Whilst we as residents are told over and again that the police and council really are doing something. To be honest I’m not going to blame the police as they are continually understaffed but the council started it all off by closing the bookies and have as usual washed their hands of the problem.
    Rivers of urine…not a problem..also the broken glass, chicken bones and phlegm all tolerated by the council but not by us residents, not by the man who uses a wheelchair who has to wheel through this pile of human detritus, not by the old people who feel too intimidated to go out, or the young women who have to put up with a wall of catcalls and various insults for not being flattered by such behaviour.
    Its not acceptable that we seem to be a hands off area for all in sundry…Two years and counting.

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