Black History Month at Brixton Library

Kei Miller author of AugustownTim O’Dell from Brixton Library previews some of its offerings for Black History Month

Writer of the moment, poet and winner of the 2014 Forward Prize, Kei Miller will be at Brixton Library on Saturday 8 October  (7pm) to discuss his latest novel Augustown which takes its reference from the true story of August Town, Jamaica where, in 1920, the messianic preacher Alexander Bedward instructed followers to give away all of their worldly goods and “fly away home” to ascend to heaven.

The followers climbed nearby trees, they leapt but, instead of soaring upwards, they came crashing down. It is a magical and haunting novel set in the underbelly of Jamaica.

chibundu-onuzo-brixtonbFor young people we have two best-selling authors, Chibundu Onuzo, and Pete Kalu along with Windrush history workshops and the great Adventures of Abi and Titi for younger children.

The month is really worth a look with discussions on Bob Marley as revolutionary, the 1985 uprisings, CLR James and Black heroes in graphic novels.

Tomorrow (7 October, 7pm) Brixton-based b.supreme, an organisation that supports and nurtures women in hip hop will host a panel chaired by Silhouette Bushay looking at “Hip hop as advocacy in the Black community”.

There are writers’ workshops, open mic poetry on #blackwordsmatter, films, family learning workshops and a lot more.

View the Black History Month programme or take a look at Love Lambeth blog.