Bus and fire engine collide in Brixton

Bus fire engine collision

buscrash2_750_IMG_3889A bus and a fire engine collided outside Brixton town hall this evening.

The fire engine was from Tooting fire station. Nobody was trapped, but one firefighter sustained an injury to his leg and was taken to hospital.

London Ambulance Service said seven people were treated at the scene. As well as the firefighter, the bus driver was taken to hospital, along with a female bus passenger complaining of back pain.

The engine was going  to a fire at a restaurant in Coldharbour Lane. This incident was resolved by London Fire Brigade and no further engines were required.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Pictures: David Wilcock


  1. A quick note to curious and ill informed amongst you. Firstly, fire engines don’t have sat nav, they rely on their excellent knowledge of the area. Secondly, the primary cause of this crash was a large amount of petrol deposited on the other side of the road, causing the driver to loose all traction well before the they had to break for the junction.

  2. The cause of the crash??! really? The fire engine is going opposite way in a one way, before a right turn, needs more explanations? If you mean the reason why he has done that, then yes, I would also quite curious about it….

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