Shooting in Angell Town

There was a strong police presence at Marcella Road, where the shooting took place
There was a strong police presence at Marcella Road, where the shooting took place

BY HARRY YEATES  TWO MEN were shot on Marcella Road in Brixton’s Angell Town housing estate this evening (12 May) at around 7.10pm, according to a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police.

One man in his twenties is believed to be in a critical condition and was airlifted to hospital, another man (age unknown) has suffered minor injuries.

Marcella Road was the scene of another shooting last year.

The scene of the shooting was cordoned off and no arrests have been made.  Police investigations are ongoing.

Reported instances of gun crime in Lambeth are down. According to Metropolitan Police, between March 2014-2015 there were 94 reported cases, compared to 84 over the same period between 2015-2016.

But “Violence against the person” is up 112.1% in that time and the Coldharbour Ward — to which Angell Town belongs — has seen its reported instances nearly double.

This latest shooting will be a set-back for the efforts of local people to rebuild the reputation of the estate after a series of articles in The Evening Standard last year.

Police are also investigating reports of a shot being fired in Dalberg Road, Brixton, earlier this week.


  1. When they talk about regenerating Brixton they mean they are segregating low income families, cutting out youth activities and moving families that have been in the Brixton area for generations for the sake of property prices.. I grew up in Brixton I’m born an bred in Lambeth and I’ve seen how a community that had an array of different cultures slowly get moved along for the sake of property prices,, these kids that are out there shooting up the place because haven’t got no support, no confidence or pride within their community no more! youth clubs have been cut playground have been concreted over to make way for posh housing that the normal day to day low income family cannot afford to keep? to survive Is a daily struggle these days because of this institutionalised racism that Lambeth have succumbed too,, it’s sad but maybe people should look further back an see how the government and police have a part to play in what happens on a daily out here,, I beg Cameron come walk a day in our lives and realise that if you leave these kids with nothing to do, no job to find and no confidence or motivation to do better your going to get frustrated little Heros tryna make it work the best way they know how because they don’t know any other way!!!

  2. So sad with all the good work that was going on, it seems like there’s a real community spirit and a huge effort to regenerate the area – sorry for those picking up the pieces.

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