Multicultural book launch in Brixton library

Haroun_750Syrian author-illustrator Nadine Kaadan will be launching her new book with the help of pupils from Hill Mead primary school in Brixton library tomorrow (12 April).

Its publisher, Lantana, is a small independent house, based in London that specialises in producing multicultural picturebooks to challenge the lack of diversity in children’s books.

It released two titles today: The Jasmine Sneeze by Nadine Kaadan and Looking for Lord Ganesh by Mahtab Narsimhan.

To celebrate their publication and National Libraries Week, both Nadine and Mahtab will be talking to Year 3 students from Hill Mead.

Nadine will be there in person and Mahtab, who now lives in Canada, will be appearing via Skype.

The Jasmine Sneeze is about Haroun the cat, who causes mischief in the ancient city of Damascus, and is a celebration of Syrian culture, art and architecture, providing an alternative to images of civil war and an entry point into discussions about migration, refugees and cultural understanding.

Looking for Lord Ganesh is about a girl who takes to the internet to look for the Hindu elephant god and learns a little wisdom along the way. The book considers where we find answers to life’s big questions in the modern technological world.


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