Kula Roots has yoga for everyone

Kula Roots Timetable. jpegHealing spaces: Brixton Community Yoga with Kula Roots

by Saara Jaffery-Roberts 

I believe that yoga is for everybody, and this belief has driven me to set up community yoga classes in the heart of Brixton.

I am a born and bred south London yoga teacher whose main aim is to bring yoga and other healing arts to as many people as possible – particularly to the more vulnerable areas of London.

Yoga and other self-care practices should be available to all people, so that we can learn to heal ourselves and our communities.

Funded by the London Community Foundation, the aim of the Kula Roots SW9 community classes is to carve out healing yoga spaces in low income areas. Physically, yoga greatly builds strength, flexibility and stamina. Mentally, yoga allows us to push ourselves, transgress boundaries and overcome fears. It teaches us how to let go, relax and flow. It increases overall vitality and self-awareness in both the body and mind. Most importantly, yoga allows us to reconnect to our own inherent power, and remember who we truly are.

people practicing YogaKula Roots SW9 provides the space where this growth and reconnection can take place. Working in the Loughborough Estate, Angell Town and Baytree Centre, classes are designed to be accessible to everybody, and all levels of ability and experience are welcome.

These classes are designed to be fun, spontaneous, inspiring and profound, offering locals a safe space to come and grow together. When we practice yoga, we realise our human potential. We can harness our energy, focus our minds and train our bodies. We realise that we are limitless, our potential infinite.

So, if community yoga training, expansion, heart-opening, mental clarity and overall wellbeing sounds like your kind of thing, come join the movement and get involved.

Classes run every week at the following times.
Tuesdays – Angell Town RMO (Housing Office) – 7-8pm
Wednesdays – Baytree Centre (ladies only class) – 10-11am
Fridays – Loughborough Centre –  7-8pm

Contact Saara to find out more.

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