Your chance to speak up for Brixton

BrixtonExchangThe next round of conversations between Brixton residents about its past and present will take place on 23 April.

Anchor & Magnet, the company behind the film Brixton Conversations, is organising The Brixton Exchange 2 – a day of workshops and exchanges to give Brixton’s community, past and present  a voice.

The first Exchange in 2013 (above)  brought together more than 100 residents, community activists, artists, academics and others to discuss urban regeneration and community ownership.

The day sets out to explore different kinds of memory; sharing of stories; the meeting of “old” and “new” Brixton; contested notions of heritage starting from the context of central Brixton; the commodification of ideas of heritage as a tool to brand Brixton, while parts of the community are edged out; the politics of preservation and impermanence, objects and the idea of the community museum.

Speakers and facilitators will include artists, historians, architects, activists and academics. Workshops and exchanges include mapping contested spaces in Brixton; decolonising heritage; using objects to tell and record personal memories; a food treasure hunt; cooking; and more.

Katy Beinart of Anchor & Magnet said: “Come prepared to speak up, and contribute your voice and your hands.”

Tickets are free but space is limited so make sure you book through.

More info here.