Dip & Flip Comes to old Kaff Bar site

Dip & Flip BrixtonIn case you were worried you’d have to queue for too long for a burger in Brixton, Dip & Flip Burgers are coming to the old Kaff bar premises on Atlantic Road.

Brixton Blog noticed them scouting out the area with their pop up at South Pole Saloon back in December and wondered if they were expanding their Wimbledon, Battersea and Tooting base. Clearly so!

They do serve a decent burger and know their way round a jug of gravy and they face a hell of a task replacing the beloved Kaff bar so it seems a bit churlish to single out Dip & Flip per se.

But does anyone else wish the stuff opening in Brixton didn’t just involve meat and booze these days and had more of a connection to the area? And putting a ‘jerk burger’ or other Brixton themed item on the menu doesn’t count.


  1. We do not need another meat/booze place here, completely agreed. I don’t know a single person who is asking ‘where can I get a burger – I NEED A BURGER AND SOME BOTTLED BEER’. All I hear is – ‘where shall we go this evening? NOWHERE – I CANT AFFORD A RESTAURANT – especially one without free live music!’

    I think we can all agree, Kaff was not just a meat and booze restaurant so let’s not be silly.

    But understandably you cant have somewhere that doesn’t make a killing in such a newly expensive building so I guess we just need to campaign for this place to be affordable (Kaff-standard affordable) in order to appease us reprobates who are angry. Who’s with me??

    • I think you’re misconstruing the point. They’re decrying the removal of what was unique and distinctly local with something formulaic and already in existence in various guises in Brixton.

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