Cycle bunnies Easter fundraiser for disability charity

Rob from Brixton CyclesWheels for Wellbeing (WfW) the local cycling charity will be holding ‘bunny rides’ during Easter week (Friday 25 March till Friday 1 April) where members of the public and supporters will be helping to raise awareness and funds that could help more disabled people to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Brixton Cycles staff will be supporting WfW by setting up a pedalathon in their front window on Saturday 26 March, where they’ll be pedalling non-stop for the whole of day. There’ll be an opportunity for members of the public that want to support WfW, to make a donation.

“I love to support Wheels for Wellbeing. I’ll get everyone pedalling for you on Easter Saturday – especially Lincoln and Jim!” said Rob, secretary of Brixton Cycles club.

“Wheels for Wellbeing provides advice, information and regular opportunities to cycle for anyone who thought they could only travel by car or specialist transport and thought they would not be able to feel the wind in their hair!” said WfW director, Isabelle Clement.

Woman in cycle onsiePoet, Emily Kate Groves, will be assembling a team of volunteers: ‘the millionhares’, to take in a sponsored ride at Hyde Park dressed as bunnies.

“I want to support Wheel for Wellbeing’s great work, making sure that anyone who wants to can cycle! Taking part has definitely motivated me to get moving – I’d love to start cycling to work one day and maybe this will give me the boost I need! My Uncle Mark was born with a condition similar to spina bifida and is one of the most inspirational people I know. He has an incredible hand cycle that’s taken him to some amazing places he wouldn’t have been able to reach before. He even partook in 1992 Winter Paralympics on the skiing team. He lives outside Seville now and gets everywhere on his bike without any limitations. It is charities like Wheels for Wellbeing that are going to inspire the next Mark, and that’s why this is so important!” said Emily.

“I am supporting the Wheels for Wellbeing Bunny Ride. As someone who works with people with learning disabilities, and their carers, in my day job, I have seen the difference that getting on a bike can make to their lives – especially when they did not think they ever would or could get on one. Wheels for Wellbeing show that everyone can get on a bike, and will support them to do it. We have to support them to continue with their outstanding work”, said Lambeth Councillor, Robert Hill.

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