Battle of the Lidos as Brockwell take on Tooting

Brockwell women swimmersBraving the elements Brockwell Swimmers competed in Tooting’s annual Heron Cup Relays held last Sunday 20 March.

Team swimmers Sebastian, James, Annie, Michael, Tim, Yago and team coordinator Nick were keen to take on the challenge of more widths per member.

The other teams: two from Tooting ‘Tuna’ and ‘Mackerel’, the Out to Swim team and the Serpentine team had some very strong swimmers, but Brockwell Swimmers won two of the races with Yago and Michael winning their individual crawl.BrockwellSwimmers1

A spokesman said: “Congratulation to the Tooting Tuna team who came overall first, while Brockwell came fifth out of the five. Last, same as last year, but consistent if nothing else. South London Swimming Club should be thanked for their splendid organisation and Brockwell Swimmers look forward to returning in June for the Mid-Summer Relays… when the water will be a little warmer they hope!”

Anyone interested in joining the team should contact Brockwell Swimmers.



  1. Oh, come on Tim. You’re the one that has politicised the lido with your constant slagging off of BLU to anyone who cares to listen. Isn’t calling a pointless EGM and failing to get elected politicising the lido?

    Who do you speak for?

    Certainly not the majority of lido swimmers who have resisted your poison and bile each morning.

  2. Please stop reporting that Brockwell Swimmers is a swimming club for Brockwell Lido swimmers. It isn’t. It is nothing more than a one man vanity club, set up on the back of a personal bitter feud.

    Brockwell Swimmers does not speak for the lido community. It speaks for Timothy Sutton, and Timothy Sutton only. The Lido club is already represented by Brockwell Lido Users. Sutton set up his one man pet project after failing to be elected on to the BLU Committee.

    The lack of team members for ‘Brockwell Swimmers’ at Tooting should tell you all you need to know.

    Please research these cut and paste stories before posting them.

    Thank you.

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