Another Lambeth estate looks to its future

central-hill_exhibition-posterLambeth council will today (Saturday 5 March) present plans for another major housing regeneration to the residents of Central Hill Estate in Upper Norwood.

Members of the estate’s resident engagement panel are urging as many people affected as possible to attend this first and subsequent meetings to force the council to address the concerns of the residents on the estate and in the wider community.

Residents have voted overwhelmingly against demolition and for refurbishment, and  Architects 4 Social Housing, invited by the resident engagement panel, and as guests of the vicar of Christ Church in Gipsy Hill, exhibited its own plans for the estate last month.

They propose alternatives to demolition, with infill and build-over options that would increase the housing capacity of the estate by up to 250 homes, generate the funds to refurbish the existing 456 homes, and (most importantly) keep the existing community together.