‘People for Presents’ comes to Brixton

Statue at Brixton station gift  wrappedIf you spend any time on Brixton station platform you might have noticed them: the iconic bronze statues waiting on the platforms have been covered in gift-wrap!

The statues, made by Kevin Atherton, represent three volunteers who regularly used the station: Peter Lloyd, Joy Battick and Karin Heistermann, and have stood there since 1986.

They are not alone in being given a festive wrapping this Christmas. Statues in Liverpool, London and Brighton were wrapped overnight, including Olympic hero Steve Ovett on Brighton Seafront, the John Lennon statue in Liverpool’s Cavern Club, and the ‘In Town’ statues in Battersea.

The gift-wrapping is part of a ‘People for Presents’ campaign by mobile network provider giffgaff, encouraging people to put down their phones (!) and give the gift of themselves this Christmas.

New research commissioned by giffgaff via YouGov shows 85% of the British public would rather spend time with family and friends this Christmas than receive any kind of gift.

In the age of hyper-commercialised Christmas festivities, and the stress around gift-giving, it’s great to see a reminder that the festive season is really just about spending time with loved ones – particularly when loneliness is a rising social issue.

So put down that phone for the festive season, and engage with the people right next to you.
Giffgaff have created a handy instruction video showing how to wrap yourself up this Christmas if you are inspired to gift yourself to your nearest and dearest.


  1. Was going to say, why do we assume people who look at their phones aren’t saving lives, doing tremendously relevant things and changing the world for the better by doing so?

    OK, but that’s boring…. Instead, here you go: you still don’t get MMS free with giffgaff goodybags… #justsaying 😉

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