New consultation on New Park Road safety

Richard Atkins primary school
Richard Atkins primary school

Plans for a trial closure of New Park Road and others near Richard Atkins School off Brixton Hill have been dropped and there will be new consultation on how to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists in the area.

There were 12 road accidents near the school resulting in injury between 2010 and 2014. New Park Road is used as a rat run by traffic avoiding congestion on Brixton Hill.

Lambeth council engaged the charity Sustrans, that is dedicated to encouraging safer and less polluting travel, to respond to the concerns of parents and residents about safety near the school.

Its report [PDF download] gave three options to improve safety, including a trial closure of New Park Road to assess its effects.

Now Sustrans has written to residents, saying: “We have listened to concerns about the changes suggested and your local council members feel the best way forward is to amend the proposals. They will no longer include any traffic filters.

“This means that no road closures will happen in New Park Road or the surrounding streets.

“We still need to protect school children and make it easier for everyone to get around safely. Our next step is to continue the work with you on solutions that will create a better street environment for all road users.”

Sustrans is organising two sessions for local people to look at “creative new ways” to improve safety on New Park Road and around the school. It hopes they will come up with “innovative traffic calming measures”.

The first is on Tuesday 15 December at the Clapham Park Centre at Richard Atkins School from 6pm to 8pm.

The second will be in the school hall on Wednesday 6 January from 3pm to 5pm.


  1. Very disappointed in my local councillors for not having the courage to improve things round here. There’ll be a fatal accident sooner or later.

  2. Council gives in to a campaign organised from Croydon by somebody with absolutely no connections with the area.
    90% of the traffic at peak times is not local and due to car drivers using it as a short cut between Brixton Hill and the South Circular.
    An other accident happen in the area yesterday.

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