Great Brixton photo book out in time for Xmas

photos from Brixton bookBy Brixton, for Brixton. That’s the idea behind a colourful new photo book produced by local creative social enterprise The Champion Agency. Compiled from thousands of pictures received over the past year, it comprises 273 images, covering everything from headline events to the rituals of daily life.  All are taken by the people of Brixton themselves, making the book a poignant and valuable pictorial record of one of the UK’s most vibrant communities, past and present. From an uplifting photo of a father and daughter enjoying Brixton Splash, to a historic image from yesteryear on the corner of Atlantic Road, there’s something for everyone, young and old.Brixton photo scenes

Great Brixton would make a great gift and a percentage of the sales go towards the Brixton Fund micro-grant scheme. The book’s RRP is £15 and it’s available from Brixton Pound on Atlantic Road and local outlets as well as