A very Brixton conversation

Two people discuss what Brixton means to them
Andres Posada and Fan Sissoko

Brixton Conversations, a film that brings people together to talk about ideas of heritage and home, was screened on Saturday 7th November to a packed audience at the Ritzy. Local filmmakers Anchor & Magnet say there’s another chance to see it this Saturday 21 November at the DiverCity Music Festival, at Brixton Bloc, 143 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9TP.

To find out more and book check out here.

BrixtonMuseumThe conversation objects from the film are housed on a travelling market barrow , the Brixton Museum, which is on display at Brixton Library, Windrush Square until Monday 23 November. From Tuesday 24 November it will be installed at Lambeth Archives, 52 Knatchbull Rd, London SE5 9QY for 2 weeks.

You can see the objects from the film and the stories behind them, and add your own to our Visitors Book.

Brixton Exchange 2 will be taking place in 2016. Anchor & Magnet  are looking for volunteers to help with organising the event so  email if you are interested.