Hill Mead students’ film animations deserve wider showing

Screen grab of film introduction to Hill Mead school animation filmsA fantastic collection of animations made by six families at Hill Mead Primary School in Brixton were shown at Pop Brixton. Parents and children came together to create family animations working with Sue and Marie from the London Connected Learning Centre. Find out more here.

screen grab of two of the characters in Hill Mead storyEvery Thursday for six weeks they made a film about stories from their different countries. The theme, was Out Of Many, One School.

One mother said “We started the animation with a story of childhood from our own culture. It’s really cool to work with your child.”

Hill Mead school Family animationsNone of the adults or children had done any animation before.

These delightful little films deserve a wider audience. Check them out https://youtu.be/KDOcgj5md2o