People and the pace of change in Brixton

Filmmaker Damien Swaby visited Brixton for the first time in 20 years recently. “I was amazed by the changes,” he says.
He had his camera with home at shot a short documentary — The People of Brixton.

Damien’s work work has been screened at film festivals in, London, San Diego, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Reykjavik, Sacramento, Brighton and elsewhere.

“I passionately believe in filmmaking and its ability to reflect life.” he says. “I like my work to be photographic and I always try to convey as much through the visual image as the spoken word.

“I hope my documentary The People of Brixton is one of many I’ll be making about the changes in London.

“The pace of gentrification in London has inspired me to visit towns in the city and make documentaries such as The People of Brixton.