Brixton’s Kaff Bar to close due to rocketing rents

kaff barOne of Brixton’s best loved bars, Kaff, is closing.

Managing Director Steven Ross told Brixton Buzz that Kaff Bar’s landlord is tripling the rent making it unaffordable for the bar to stay in its current premises on Atlantic Road.

The cafe/restaurant/bar looks set to close at the end of next month.

Kaff opened four years ago serving wine, beer, cocktails and great food, as well as putting on live music nights.

Its a favourite here at the Brixton Blog and we’ll be sad to see it go.

A post on Kaff’s Facebook page says: “A quick message regarding our recent news. We appreciate all your kind words and support.

“Kaff has been an epic journey and we thought we were doing alright. Unfortunately we can’t afford the new rent proposals by our landlords.

“Sadly we’ve been dealing with this for almost a year now and there’s not really much more we can do.

“Thank you again to everyone’s support and more importantly being part of a true Brixton venture. With all due respects we can’t answer or respond to all messages straight away it’s all a bit emotional but thank you again.”



  1. Yup its fair to say that KAFF was gentrification. I think we should be more concerned about keeping a culture independent businesses protected somehow!

  2. Leigh Jayne Miller – come to Reclaim Brixton Assembly – Windrush Square this Saturday 12-3pm

  3. Can you guys put together an online library of restaurants lost to regeneration. I mean fair to say that some of these (such as Kaff Bar) were born out of the early stages of regeneration but now these are going to be inevitably replaced by chains I feel we should have a series of pages on here dedicated to the fallen! Pictures, memories, quotes from guests before Brixton becomes just another cookie cutter high street.

    On CHL alone Bickles, Duck Egg, Gyoza in the past few months, Asmara looks like its soon to follow)


    • Or we could fight back. What do you all say? I’m up for taking the greed-driven inhuman turds on – are you???? Same thing happening to my family business right now after twenty-three years hard work, so I know how this injustice feels. Only one thing can save the ‘little guy’ and it’s called People Power! Use the media; the conglomerates hate bad press….happy to help you, contact me.

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