Absurd comedy short filmed in Brixton

We thought you might enjoy this quirky short comedy film – in which “a thuggish proposition descends into absurdity.” According to local director Niall Trask it was shot all around Brixton in winter with very little money and some help from local businesses and passing Brixtoners.

Treasure from [THE KILL SHOP] on Vimeo.


  1. Danny: London is a city coming down from its trip and there’s going to be a lot of
    refugees. [Presuming Ed laughs deeply; Danny continues] Did you realise this
    gaff’s overrun with rodents? When I came in I saw one in the oven
    the size of a fucking dog.

    I: That is a dog, belongs to the man downstairs.

    Danny: Does his dog get in the oven?

    No his dog doesn’t come up here.

    Danny : Then it was a rodent. Quite freaked me at the time. I was going to cook onions.
    There was some bald geezer round here the other day reckoned you owed him
    235 quid backrent. I told him there was no question of paying rent on a property
    infested with rodents. Started coming on all bald with me.

    You mean ratty.

    Danny: I told him to piss off.

    I: You bloody fool. He’ll have us up in court again.

    Danny : No he won’t, it’s not legal.

    We can quote you on that I presume.

    Danny: Law rather appeals to me actually.

    [Withnail laughs uncontrolably and drops to the floor]

  2. Well shot film, awful script, too many F bombs, did not get any comedy from this apart from the dodgy acting of the semi bald fellow. Nice to see the heart of Brixton on screen.

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