The Courtesan launches all female wine list.

courtesan-london-brixtonYesterday Brixton’s dim sum restaurant The Courtesan launched its a new list of wines and they are exclusively made by women.

The list features 11 reds, 10 whites, four Champagnes, two Proseccos and two dessert wines, all created by a female wine maker or from a winery run by a woman.

One of the wines on offer is a delicious but unusual Sauvignon Blanc made by Tamra Kelly-Washington, chief winemaker at the Yealands Estate in New Zealand, who lived in Brixton for ten years.

Restaurant owner Hammant Patel Villa said: “I think it was living in Brixton for so long that gave her the swagger to do something different!”

At the launch yesterday, he explained that they created the list to show that there are a lot of excellent wines being made by women at the moment.

“It has been a male dominated industry but now women are becoming the better wine makers,” Hammant said. “Women actually have a heightened sense of smell and it makes them better tasters.

“This is the first list of its kind in London, but we believe that soon many other restaurants will be doing the same.”