Streatham: Deon Gayle (Workers Revolutionary Party)

deon gayleDeon Gayle, Workers Revolutionary Party Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham

1. Housing

The housing crisis is a result of government policy not to build

any more council homes and to sell off existing ones to make way for

investors to build expensive apartments.

Firstly I oppose all evictions and all tenants being forced to move

from their homes and I would abolish the bedroom tax. I believe this

bankrupt capitalist system will never provide money to build homes for

ordinary people and that to provide at least a million homes which is

needed for local people we will need to establish a workers government

and a socialist planned economy to provide the resources to build

decent homes for all.

2. Local business

Small businesses have in the past flourished all over Brixton. They

are now being pushed out by big monopolies and redevelopment.

Local businesses must be given grants where necessary, not to be paid

back with huge interest rates, they must have their business rates

reduced and funding needed for local councils must come from the

government. We must stop the growth of big monoplies like these high

street chains being able to push the ‘little man’ out.

3. Education

I think it is disgraceful that so many local schools have been

closed down. Academies are not the answer as they put control in the

halds of the private companies that own them. All schools must return

to state schools, be given more funding and allow the teachers to run

the schools and not the government. Money must be made available to

build more schools urgently.

4. Leisure/Culture

Cutbacks are made because we are paying the bankers’ debts and for

the huge problems in this and the world economy. I don’t believe we

should carry the burden of this debt and that this capitalist system

has reached the end of its life and can no longer provide what people

I would immediately get the resources from a nationalised economy to

build up the Leisure and cultural facilities, making them free where

possible. Funds must be made available to build new facilities,

particularly for our young people.

5. Environment

High pollution is a national problem which in my opinion can’t be

resolved locally. For example cars on the road with their

petrol/diesel fumes would be reduced by cheap and nationalised public

I hope this answers your questions. I know I am emphasising that we

need a socialist society to carry this out but I ask everyone – is

capitalism providing any kind of decent life for young and old today?