Streatham: Amna Ahmad (Liberal Democrats)

amna_ahmedAmna Ahmad, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham

1. Housing

Residents tell me we need more affordable housing in our area. We also need to help private renters so they live in good quality housing with restrictions. As MP, I would put pressure on Lambeth Council to drastically improve their negotiations with private developers. Currently the number of affordable homes built in mixed developments is very low. I would also ask the Council to review their decisions for estates such as Cressingham Gardens and shortlife housing where tenants are getting a very bad deal. The Lib Dems have pledged to introduce a ‘Rent to Own’ scheme where your rent buys you a share of your property and a new government loan scheme to help with a deposit.These are both critical for young renters and buyers in London where prices are higher than the rest of the country.

2. Local business

Small, local businesses that serve the community are so important to our area. I would support small businesses by exempting them from EU legislation; improving transport so customers are able to access their services and reviewing business rates. New developments should be allowed but only with full consultation with local people and businesses – I am against the way that Network Rail has gone about the renovation of the arches. Those businesses should be given first priority once the arches are available for use again.

We need a mix of small and high street chains in our area, as that is what most residents wants. But local businesses should not be pushed out to accommodate high street chains. Our area is multicultural and unique. We need a balance which retains that character whilst giving local people access to the sort of shops they need.

3. Education

Education is critical for success. I am very proud of our local teachers in the work they have done to improve standards. But there is a capacity issue – we have many families in the area and soon, we will not have enough quality school places to accommodate them all. One of my top three priorities is to work with local organisations and government to open up more secondary school places.

4. Leisure/Culture

We can maintain local libraries and parks if Lambeth Council makes better use of the money it has available. Why is the Council building new offices for itself at a time of cutbacks and austerity? This is at a cost of 50m. If I were MP, I would encourage them to put this money into services for local people rather than spending money on itself. Unfortunately money mismanagement is what we have come to expect from Labour administrations.

5. Environment

Improving transport is critical to reducing current high pollution levels. I would work for a tube or CrossRail2 station in Streatham. This will ease congestion and reduce journey times on the High Road. This leads to cramped services and congestion during rush hour in Brixton too. I would also encourage the building of an alternative safer cycling route to central London from our area.


  1. “money mismanagement is what we have come to expect from Labour administrations.” This from a candidate standing in Streatham for a party that has a not dissimilar track record itself here in Lambeth.
    Firstly, the Liberal Democrats slate Labour for its production of Lambeth Talk and say it is a waste of money. However they produced Lambeth Life when in power in Lambeth at a similar expense to the council tax payer.
    Secondly, they are not that great at money management themselves. This is the party that hiked up council tax by a whooping 40% over 4 yeras when last in power (2002-2006). It has increased 1.99% over the last 7 years to date under Labour.
    Thirdly, they go on about Labour paying out for council offices but what they don’t remind us is that they also spent millions £££ when in power on offices for themselves as well. It is called Phoenix House and sits on the Southbank.
    Fourthly, let’s not forget some of their legacy from their tenure with their chums since 2010 on a national level: VAT hike, those Liberal Democrats harp on about the increase in tax band thresholds but love putting up other taxes! Tuition fees. Bedroom Tax. Cut in police numbers and police stations. The threat of closure of fire stations by the Mayor of London, they are pals with the Tories. Tax cut in the top band for the mega wealthy but no replication for the lower tax band bracket. Oh and let’s not forget the huge rise in the reliance of the food bank.
    That is why the Liberal Democrats deserve to be sent to oblivion nationally as they were locally in Lambeth when they lost their remaining 14 sitting Councillors.

  2. A leaflet from Amna says “in my work I support charity campaigns”. Amna works as a lobbyist for Open Road whose register of clients are listed at then click on Open Road / Blue Rubicon. They list their clients as drug companies, bookmakers, supermarkets, the privatised Royal Mail, bankers, and tax-avoiding internet companies, but no charities. Could she please let us know why she says she works with charities and doesn’t admit that she is a lobbyist. Has she something to hide?

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