Special Ritzy screening of ‘Dark Horse’ for Brixton charity Ebony Horse Club

darkhorseOn Sunday May 10, the Ritzy Cinema will host a special screening of Dark Horse in aid of Brixton charity Ebony Horse Club.

Ebony provides horse riding opportunities to children growing up in the Brixton area.

Dark Horse is described as an “inspirational British underdog tale” about a barmaid who persuades the villagers of Cefn Fforest in Wales to club together to buy a thoroughbred mare. (You can watch the trailer here).

The screening will include a Q & A with director, Louise Osmond and producer, Judith Dawson and a chance to meet Pedro, Ebony Horse Club’s famous Shetland pony, and some of the staff and children who care for him and his eight stable mates.

You can buy tickets on the Ritzy website.