SAVE OUR SHOPS: Fishmonger’s banner taken down

Lorne Mash with the sign before it was removed
Lorne Mash with the sign before it was removed

The banner over Mash & Sons Fishmongers that said “Triple the rents? You must be squidding!” was taken down last night.

Lorne Mash says they came in this morning to find it gone and have no idea who took it.

“To be honest we’re surprised it lasted as long as it did up there,” he said. “But we’ve got more where that came from and we won’t stop putting them up while this is going on.”

A Network Rail spokesperson said they did not believe the removal was anything to do with them.

The banner had been put up to protest Network Rail’s plans for refurbishment of the arches and consequent eviction of the businesses who operate there.

One tenant said they had been told that after the refurbishment rents would triple, although Network Rail says rent figures have not yet been confirmed.

You can sign the petition to support affected businesses here or donate to the Save Brixton Arches campaign here.