Dulwich and West Norwood: Robin Lambert (Independent)

Robin_LambertRobin Lambert, Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood

HOUSING; Give Social residents A Proper Democratic Choice whether to leave or stay eg Cressingham Gardens Tulse hill.

Guinness Trust Brixton.

TTIP PACT: EU-US pact signed by David Cameron &Nick Clegg last October Gives Multinational Corporations the power to take Elected governments to Corporate courts eg Dutch firm Achmea successfully sued new government of Slovakia for an Unpopular Health Privatisation.

EDUCATION Improve Secondary & Tertiary Standards reform Polytechnics which Catered for Science,Arts,& Vocational Students.

OYSTER60+ Maintain this under threat from LIB-LAB-CONS

MOTORISTS Review All buslanes to see if Necessary pilot 9pm-6am Use ease Congestion.

BUSINESSES Give Motorists 30 minutes Free parking to Compete with Out of towncentre Shopping sites.Give Arches businesses right to return After refurbishment.

LIBRARIES No selloff unless New Libraries Given definite Planning permission.Keep Minet Library.

FIRE STATIONS  Boris Johnson has sold off 12 since 2012 latest Silvertown &Bow .No More unless Replaced locally eg West Norwood.