Dulwich and West Norwood: Rathy Alagaratnam (Ukip)

Rathy UKIPRathy Alagaratnam, Ukip Parliamentary Candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood

1. Housing

The Labour Party in Lambeth have set a target to provide 1,000 new homes.  Think about it, how is that going to solve the housing crisis in Lambeth.  Also, what have they done the previous four years? Yes they built homes, but what percentage went to people who could ACTUALLY afford them? A UKIP government would build 200K per year on brownfield sites across Britain.

Also, we need to control demand.  Once we’re out of the EU, we can regain control of our borders so that British homes are for British people.  Under a UKIP government Ex-servicemen will get top priority for housing.

We need more affordable housing.  At a price where first time buyers do not have to save 50 years (exaggerated there) for a deposit.

2. Local Business

Save Brixton Market (managed to throw that in..).  We’ve seen more high street chains in Brixton. Yes this creates more jobs, but in detriment to local business eg Joy on Coldhabour Lane.

In terms of what new developments should be allowed.  Flip that round, what shouldn’t be allowed, pay day loans, cash converters, betting shops, business that exploits people’s desperation.

3. Education

Pass.  We fall under the double income no kids yet category.  Immigration needs to be controlled.  Without it, how can we provide school places?

4. Leisure/Culture

Local people running local libraries, a co-operative model.  They could seek grants from central government on help run it.  This is a personal view and not UKIP policy.

5. Environment

Is there high pollution? What evidence is there backing this statement? There is an increase in traffic, e.g Brixton, but more can be done to encourage alternate means e.g making roads more cyclist friendly.  Again, personal view and not UKIP policy.


  1. Sorry ‘Richard’, I think you have utterly misunderstood Rathys comments. You mention that she failed to follow the party the line, is that a problem? Personally Ive always thought that someone with conviction to defy their paymaster is a good thing, clearly you have a problem with this. I’m not going to become a cliche and start arguing with people on the internet but you should really come down brixton some point at some point ‘Richard’ and see what’s it’s become. Honestly.


  2. Blimey, she might as well stand as an independent candidate as she quotes enough of her own opinions rather than those of the party she represents. Only six lines on Education, Leisure, Culture and the Environment. This is a poor show and gives the impression that either she does not know the UKIP stance on these issues or they simply don’t have any! For instance under Leisure she states “they could seek grants from central government on help (sic) run it.” How if it is a personal view and not part of her party manifesto? The same under Environment when it comes to making roads more cycle friendly if it is a personal view rather than a party ambition.

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