Brixton photographer’s unique exhibit

Dan Hernandez, Effra Social Club © Gavin Freeborn
Dan Hernandez, Effra Social Club © Gavin Freeborn

Brixton-based Irish photographer Gavin Freeborn is opening a new exhibition at Chelsea College of Arts.

From April 22 to 25 he will be hosting The Freeborn Exchange.

Inspired by artists who barter, he has exchanged his photographic portraits for other skills, objects and hospitality in over 20 countries since November 2011.

At his unique pop-up portrait studio, visitors will have the opportunity to meet him, propose a Freeborn Exchange and have their portrait made.

Freeborn said: “There’s creativity in the air of Brixton. It’s an international landmark and institution for the arts. Calling this community home, in between periods of travel, gave me the foundation to build this show at Chelsea College of Arts.

That creative air inspires me to keep documenting and making Freeborn Exchanges with wonderful and diverse people. Whether I’m socialising at Brixton Village, Effra Social Club, taking in a show at Photofusion or many of the other fantastic local gems, every day is a gift.

“Brixton Blog and Brixton Bugle readers are all very welcome to pop across the river to enjoy this showcase of images from around the world. I hope to see you there and if I’m lucky I may get to make your portrait too!”

For more information visit The Freeborn Exchange Facebook page.