Brixton Foodbank gets Nour boost

Nour & FoodbankBrixton Foodbank were recently able to purchase a huge amount of groceries from Nour Cash & Carry in Brixton using the Brixton Pounds (B£) they had received in donations.

They had just under B£300. They bought a large amount of pulses, as that is what the Foodbank regularly doesn’t have enough of, which Nour gave them a special deal on.

The trolley was so heavy it was barely able to get out of the shop.

All the B£s were from donations.

Anyone with a B£ pay-by-text account can donate to the Foodbank (and a number of other organisations).

In January, the Brixton Foodbank fed about 75 people every week, which combined with the Norwood branch reaches 200 a week.

In the last financial year the Brixton Foodbank fed an impressive 9,000 people in total.