Brixton street has the slowest broadband in London

Cowley Road, Brixton, experiences London's slowest broadband speeds. Credit: Google Streetview
Cowley Road, Brixton, experiences London’s slowest broadband speeds. Credit: Google Streetview

A Brixton road has been been awarded the title of “London’s slowest street for broadband.”

Cowley Road, SW9, was discovered to have the worst internet speeds in central London by price comparison site

Broadband speeds on Cowley Road average just 1.41 megabits per second (mps), compared with 38.88 mps on London’s fastest street for broadband, Westbourne Park Road, W11.

The study found that Cowley Road’s average speed is 50 times slower than the fastest street in Britain: Sandy Lane in Cannock, Staffordshire, has an average speed of 72.86 mps.

Siobhan Davies, 32, told the Evening Standard: “Broadband around here is an absolute nightmare. I can’t stream anything on my computer or iPad. I tried to load my husband’s Facebook profile last week and it took three days to load. It’s ridiculous.”

Although spare a thought for the residents of Williamson Road in Romney Marsh, Kent: their average speed is a mere 0.535.

Ewan Taylor-Gibson, broadband expert at, said: “On the UK’s slowest street broadband speeds are so sluggish you could fly to the Bahamas and back again in the time it takes to download a film.

“A recent House of Lords report called for broadband to be defined as a public utility and voiced concerns about the delivery of superfast services. Terrible speeds can isolate people and take their toll on businesses, schools, even house prices. A nationwide rollout of fibre broadband to the furthest and most remote corners of the UK has never been more urgent.”


  1. You should try Josephine Avenue. When they were laying fibre optic in the area a tree hugger objected and consequently the whole street is condemned to the dinosaur age of copper wire speeds.

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