SAVE OUR SHOPS: posters available to show your support

Save our Shops poster
Stop the evictions: one of the posters available from A & C Deli

Posters are now available for Brixton shops, cafes, restaurants and residents to show their support for the tenants facing eviction because of Network Rail’s refurbishment plans.

The posters were designed by a supportive customer from A & C Continental Deli.

There are two versions and are both available from the deli.

One of the shops under the arches already displaying a poster was S & S Textiles. Save our shops poster

Mohammed Shafiq said they had been shocked when they heard last week about the refurbishment and evictions.

They were even more shocked this week when they saw Network Rail’s plans for the the redevelopment.

Shafiq says they appeared to show his unit no longer as a shop but as a walkway.

“They said there was an opportunity for tenants to come back but the plans they have show that our shop wouldn’t be able to.”

“We’ve been here for a long time and we strive to serve the community, in our shop we cater for Brixton mixed and vibrant community. We don’t want to go.”

Sign the petition against Network Rail’s plans here.