Brixton primary schools launch fundraiser for photography learning project

photography primary projectA collective of Brixton primary schools are hoping to raise £6,000 to set up a three year photography project that will support student literacy and maths.

The project is set up by Windmill Cluster of Schools and Brixton Learning Collaborative Cluster, who altogether represent 21 Lambeth schools.

Together with a local organisation called Fotosynthesis, they want to deliver 64 practical “Literacy & Maths through Photography” workshops to children in 16 Brixton primary schools.

It follows a three month pilot project carried out last spring.Primary school photography project

Olivia Tadrous, a teacher at Hill Mead Primary School, said after the pilot project the children “were able to apply measuring skills in practical contexts. The use of photography was highly effective in encouraging/consolidating the language of measure. The children were able to recognise angles in everyday life.”

Fotosynthesis will build 8 pop-up photo darkrooms in schools and introduce children to pinhole photography.

16 teachers will receive training allowing them to continue to work with new students on future projects.

There will be eight family learning activities intended to help children, teachers and parents to learn together.

They say 500 children from different economic and ethnic backgrounds will benefit from the project in the first year.

The project was awarded £14,070 by the Walcot Foundation for the first year, but it still needs to raise £6,000 match funding to cover all costs.

The money raised will provide assistant facilitators, digital camera and equipment for the darkrooms.

You can donate to the project here.