Brixton Breakfasts: The Breakfast Co

Breakfast Co bag
By Nikki Griffiths
How many times have you laid in bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning, wondering why no one had thought to start a breakfast delivery company? But surely there are millions of people just like me this morning? I’d certainly put business their way. Ooh, maybe I’m onto something?
Now those thoughts can be a thing of the past. The Breakfast Co. is a South London breakfast delivery service that offers way more than just a hangover cure. The menu includes pastries, tailor made English breakfasts, muffins, a choice of specials and some delicious smoothies.And it’s all delivered to your home!
As we laid everything out, I grabbed straight for the sausage, egg and cheese muffin. It had to be good to live up to the national treasure of a McDonald’s sausage & egg McMuffin! But this muffin was different. Good different. It had all the flavour and emotional satisfaction, without covering your entire forearm with grease. And the real bonus – everything looks like what it is.
What impressed me the most with this service is that the packaging was so well thought through. Everything arrived warm and without the texture having been compromised*.
Breakfast co muffin
The huevos rancheros is served with a delicious chorizo that’s spicy and deep, but not sickly. The tomato base had no sense of wateriness and the eggs were cooked perfectly – sunny side up. The guacamole and sour cream were a good extra touch making you feel like you were getting your money’s worth. *The one thing which didn’t travel well – unsurprisingly – was the tortilla. But you don’t miss it.
Breakfast Co chorizo
The mack & plantain seems an unusual menu option, but I’ll definitely be getting it again. The peppery mackerel came served with spring onion scrambled eggs and when everything was piled together on a fork and splashed with hot pepper sauce, it was a taste sensation.
To top everything off, the banana and strawberry smoothie was wholesome and yummy.
Breakfast Co mack & plantains
These breakfast deliveries are not only great for a hangover, but would also make the perfect accompaniment to a romantic breakfast in bed, a fun weekend morning with the kids, or even a meeting at work (you can even get pie and mash if you’re ordering for the office!)
This Saturday saving service is available on weekends between 8:30am – 3pm to the following postcodes: SE5, SE11, SE15, SE17, SE22, SE24, SW8 (part), SW9, SW2(part), SW4(part). Order online in advance or call on the day to get a timeslot of your choice and a nice person on a little scooter will pootle up to your door to deliver your breakfast hot and fresh without leaving the house.
Nikki was a guest of The Breakfast Co and has more lovely photos at Instagram @n_griffiths


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