Where to watch the year’s most celebrated films

Grab a massive bag of popcorn and make yourself comfortable, because there’s some serious film watching to be done.

Following the Oscar nominations announcement this week, awards season is in full swing. So we’ve handpicked five films that are winning the Academy Awards, Bafta and Golden Globe plaudits, and where you can see them.

Ellar Coltrane in Boyhood. Picture from Forbes.com
Ellar Coltrane in Boyhood. Picture from Forbes.com


It took 12 years to film this innovative coming of age drama, so it seems only fair that Boyhood is still getting some cinema love six months after its release. Richard Linklater’s achievement is remarkable, allowing as to watch central character Mason literally develop from child to young man. The filming technique may be unique, but the fact that Mason is just a normal kid going through the rigours of teenage life, makes him and the movie universally relatable. And it’s bookies favourite to pick up the Best Picture statue at next month’s Oscar ceremony too.

Showing at Odeon Streatham this Tuesday 20th January and at the Ritzy on Sunday 8th February


Garlanded with dozens of award nominations, the biggest joy of Birdman is its performances. Ed Norton, Emma Stone and Zach Galifianakis are all a joy to watch – as is Michael Keaton, playing a downtrodden actor most famous for starring in super hero movies in the early 90s (sound familiar?) seeking to resuscitate his career on Broadway.

Currently showing at the Ritzy and Odeon Streatham

The Theory of Everything

Eddie Redmayne’s astonishing transformation into Professor Stephen Hawking for this biopic is worth the ticket price alone. A more convincing performance this year, you’re unlikely to see. And the Golden Globes voters agreed – awarding him the top acting honour last Sunday. If the thought of black holes at the beginning of time brings back bad memories of GCSE physics, worry not – the script is more interested in exploring Hawking’s relationship with his wife Jane (beautifully played by Felicity Jones).

Currently showing at the Ritzy and Odeon Streatham

David Oleyowo as Martin Luther King in Selma. Picture from indiewire.com
David Oleyowo as Martin Luther King in Selma. Picture from indiewire.com


David Oyelowo picked up a Golden Globe nomination for his powerful portrayal of Martin Luther King in Ava DuVernay’s depiction of the 54 mile Selma to Montgomery protest march of 1965. The telling of Dr King’s epic struggle to win equal voting rights has controversially failed to win the favour of Oscar voters, but Selma cleverly walks the tightrope between drama and memoir to striking effect.

Previewing at Ritzy this Monday 19th January before general release on Friday 6th February. Ritzy is also holding a school screening on Thursday 12th February

Big Hero 6

After the Academy’s utterly unawesome snubbing of The Lego Movie, the field’s wide open for the Best Animated Feature category. And Big Hero 6 may be the film to take the glory. It’s premise – a young genius and a massive robot teaming up to defeat the forces of evil – may sound a tad…far out. But when you consider that the film is a joint venture between Disney and Marvel, it’s unlikely to disappoint.

Opens at Odeon Streatham on Friday 30th January

Written by new contributor Adam Marshall. Follow him on Twitter @theadammarshall.